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An interview with Springfield.

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Can you tell us a bit more about your latest track '105'?

It's about love and hate, and what happens when those emotions collide.

How long ago was the song written? Where did you record it?

It's been written for about a year but we've only just fleshed it out in the last sixth months or so. We recorded it with the duo Sugar House down in Saint Helens, who we may be seeing again very soon.

You recently gained a new member, Ellis, on the keys. What does having a keys player bring to the band? It's taken us in a new musical direction and given us a new best friend. Also, a really good rubbish bin for anything we can't finish; cigarettes, food, drink, anything.

Has it changed how you approach gigging and songwriting? Yeah, the element of keys opens up loads of new sounds we've never had before. Expect to hear a lot more of these sounds in the future

What are the next steps for the band? Any more singles lined up for release?

We've just had the first session for our new single. Expect it around Christmastime if you're lucky. Check out Springfield's latest video '105' here, and find them on Facebook here.

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