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Unsigned Tune Reviews: Floatin’

Maddie Rose has delivered another pop bop to us!!

This time with the dreamiest vocals yet and a chilled noughties inspired instrumental, it really makes me feel like I’m at a party on a cloud. Even the most timid of dancers will find themselves nodding along and even toe-tapping to this tune.

My favourite part of this song is the way Maddie sings the line ‘I wanna float away’ it is so is so sweet. I also love the percussive synths accompanying this part and the rest of the cool uses of percussion throughout this song really.

This song really shows off Maddie’s range and vocal ability later in the song, it’s something that Maddie has teased to us plenty of times before. Not to mention the clever use of harmonies that Maddie is almost known for now.

I had the opportunity to talk to Maddie exclusively about Floatin’ to find out some more about the song. Maddie explained that floatin is about wanting to ‘float away’ to another place because you’re unhappy with the current situation you’re in”. She wrote and started working on the song months ago, before the current lockdown situation we’re all facing, but she went on to say “it seems quite fitting and i hope that when people listen to the song they float away for a bit, and forget about the troubles everyone is facing right now even just for a moment”

You can listen to the new single here:

Congrats Maddie!!! There is no doubt this song is an absolute banger, it came out today and I’ve already listened to it about 17 times!!

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