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Hollr, supported by Soundwave and Rosehill presents...

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Are you aged 16-19 and based in Copeland?

Are you sick and tired of not having opportunities for you on your doorstep? 

Frustrated that there are not enough projects led by young people? 

Well, this project might be for you.

What is the project?

This is an exciting new project led by Hollr, where you will get the chance to learn new skills and develop a youth-focused event for other young people.


Throughout the project, you will work and learn from industry professionals and specialists from the creative sector and youth initiatives.

What will the project consist of?

The project will provide you with amazing opportunities!


You will meet other young people from across the country, as well as industry specialists, creative freelancers, local and regional companies, and professionals.


These people will give you a first-hand experience of taking the lead in developing youth-led, cultural projects, events, and initiatives.


You will also have the chance to learn about other youth-led programmes.


The programme will consist of practical and fun opportunities, which will also encourage you to have more ownership and identity in your local areas.

The programme will take place over 6 months from Dec 2022–March 2023.


If you would like to be part of the project, then you will be required to be available for the dates below.


If your application is successful, you will be invited to an open Workshop - Tuesday 29th November, 6pm - 7:30 pm at Soundwave HQ, Westlakes science park, CA24 3JZ.

What are the dates of the programme?

Project dates

Project introduction day

Saturday 3rd December 11am – 4:30 pm at Rosehill theatre, Whitehaven, CA28 6SE.

Creative producer training and development days

Saturday 14th January 11am - 3 pm at Soundwave HQ, Westlakes science park, CA24 3JZ.


Monday 20th – Thursday 23rd February at times and location TBC.

Saturday 11th March 2023 at Soundwave HQ, Westlakes science park, CA24 3JZ.

Final delivery of the event

This will happen in spring / early summer and will be decided by you once we start the project.

If you have any access and support needs or other support challenges that might usually persuade you from applying for projects like this, then please contact us. We will do what we can to accommodate and make you feel welcome despite any challenges you will face.


We also recognise that travel might be an issue for some, so we will provide support with transport costs for you to get to the sessions and make sure that there is free food at all sessions.

What support will be available for me to take part in the project?

What will I gain?

  • develop new skills and confidence in creative and cultural producing and event management

  • meet new people and be part of the Hollr Creative producer team

  • learn about other creative or / youth-led opportunities

  • hear from industry experts and other youth-based projects 

  • produce your very own event for young people from ideas to delivery as part of a team.

Hollr is looking for young people aged 16-19 who are based in Copeland to be part of a new project where you can:

Your role is to take the lead in developing a youth-led event/festival. You will programme, develop, and manage the event with the guidance of Rosehill, Soundwave and Hollr.


As a Hollr creative producer, you will work collectively to put on the event or a series of events. As part of a team, you will decide on the theme, focus and location, structure, and management of the final event. This is your stamp on Cumbria.

What will my role be?

We are encouraging all young people aged 16-19 based in Copeland to apply despite their background and ability.


Whilst we hope there will be a creative element to the project, you do not have to be from a creative background to apply.

This is not about having the best grades or having loads of work experience. You do not need to have your entire career mapped out; we want to give you an opportunity that provides insight into where you may want to go with your passions


We want to work with young people who will get stuck into something new and who are enthusiastic about resolving issues faced by Gen Z/the younger generation.


This is your chance to become a local trendsetter, to be the reason behind change in your community.

Who can apply?

Applications open from Friday 28th October 2022 and will close at 5pm on Monday 21st November 2022.


To apply, please complete the following quick and easy online application form:



If you are under 18, please get your parent’s permission before applying.


If you have any issues completing the form and would like more support, please email us at: info@soundwave.org.uk 

How do I apply?