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Two of the Best Bottomless Brunch Spots in the County

Brunch’s popularity has gone through the roof since restaurants, bars and clubs have made offerings of boozy brunches with elevated takes on classic brunch cuisine. We travelled to Carlisle and Kendal to sample and review some of the county’s best rated bottomless brunch eateries at an affordable price point.

Spider & Fly £28pp

Just past Bitts Park across the river Eden is a boozy bottomless brunch offered up from Spider & Fly, a restaurant that offers a modern dining atmosphere that feels sophisticated yet casual and some hearty and delicious breakfast food.

To start off your bottomless brunch you get a Mimosa and sharing platter of Ciabatta bread before choosing from their classic breakfast menu.

For starters, a Mimosa

We opted for their bacon and egg waffle and breakfast bagel.

The bacon and egg waffle is perfect for anyone that loves a sweet and savoury combo.

Piled on top of a sweet Belgian waffle you get streaky crispy maple bacon and a poached egg.

The saltiness of the bacon is balanced out with the maple syrup glaze.

Spider & Fly’s breakfast bagel has everything you’d expect from a classic fry up.

Sandwiched into the plain bagel is two fluffy hash browns, smoked crispy bacon, Cumberland sausage and a poached egg with relish spread on the bagel.

For an hour and a half you can indulge on many different cocktails!

To start off we tried their house drink of a boozy fly and a pink gin fizz.

The Boozy Fly was a delightfully refreshing and crisp apple-based cocktail.

The Pink Gin Fizz is certainly one for those that love botanical flavours.

Next up with our breakfast we had an Aperol spritz, which helps to aid digestion.

We also had a Juicehead, which would be great for any prosecco fans!

To finish we had by far our favourite drink on the menu - a Pornstar Spritz.

It was made up of delightful flavours such as vanilla vodka, passoa, passionfruit and lemonade to add the fizz to this spritz.

You can book your bottomless brunch at the Spider & Fly here.

Stanley’s Coffee House & Kitchen, Kendal £25pp

Tucked into a small, relaxed retail area just off the main high street is Stanley’s Coffee House & Kitchen.

Their bottomless brunch menu is reflective of both breaky classics and their worldwide evening menu.

Although they had some seriously tasty sounding breakfast staples, we fancied going against the grain and sampling something a little different to your ordinary morning go-to.

The Frickin’ Chicken Burrito isn’t your standard burrito and instead offers buttermilk fried chicken over grilled and is filled with Stanley’s own sauce, hot sauce, red cabbage, lettuce and tomatoes.

The Frickin’ Chicken Burrito

If you are looking for traditional Mexican flavours in a burrito you won’t get it here but despite the lack of fundamental ingredients like guacamole and refried beans you are getting a levelled-up fusion take on the humble burrito.

The Hong Kong Salt & Pepper Crispy Shredded Chicken was the winning dish.

We may be slightly biased here, as we love salt and pepper chicken, but this plate of crispy chicken soaked in a sweet and dark plum sauce loaded with red onions and pepper made our mouths happy and hungry for more.

The Hong Kong Salt & Pepper Crispy Shredded Chicken

The fries that the chicken and trimmings were layered over were undeniably crispy and fluffy and brought the whole meal together.

For two hours you can indulge in a range of fun cheeky cocktails.

We kicked off our drinks with brunch favourite Bellini’s.

They were a light way to ease yourself into the rest of your bottomless brunch.

Next up we shared a ‘No Worries’ which was a sex on the beach inspired fruity cocktail.

We also had a ‘Dirty Dr Pepper’ which was giving dark and stormy vibes with a nutty Amaretto finish.

Dip Dabs are nostalgic sweets, so when we saw they offered a ‘Dip Dab- Tini’ we couldn’t help ordering it!

The best thing is, it comes with an actual dip dab.

The cocktail itself tasted like the strawberry lolly that accompanies a dip dab.

Finally, we ordered their show stopping drink ‘Candyfloss Fizz’.

It gives you the chance to pour over their premixed pink gin, prosecco and raspberry cocktail into a martini glass filled with candy floss.

You can watch as the sugary snack disappears as you pour in the cocktail mix.

It tasted like melted ice lolly.

You can book Stanley’s bottomless brunch here.

Which bottomless brunch did you like the sound of? Let us know in the comments!

[Disclaimer] You have to be over the age of 18 to dine at any of the bottomless brunches.

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