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Hollr Partner with Cumbria Crack to Further Strengthen the Voice of Young Cumbria

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

After some behind the scenes planning, we are pleased to announce Hollr News and Entertainment’s partnership with the largest news website in our county, Cumbria Crack.

From Friday the 4th of March, an ongoing selection of our Hollr content will be shared through Cumbria Crack’s website and social media platforms.

When you visit Cumbria Crack's website, you will be able to find Hollr content via their designated Hollr page.

We will also be sharing some of our favourite and relevant articles from Cumbria Crack each week with you all on our own socials too.

The partnership is designed to strengthen the voice of young Cumbria and reach a wider audience to build a better sense of intergenerational community.

Our launch video gives readers the chance to find out more about our partnership and what the partnership will mean for the young people involved with Hollr.

The partnership is an exciting development for Hollr as an organization and promises a bright future.

You can find Cumbria Crack's website here and their primary social media page here.

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