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Help Us Crowdfund For The Fell We Climb

Today we're asking for your help to back @antiracistcumbria's crowdfunder to finish #TheFellWeClimb an animated film created by @plus3kstudios with young Black and Brown Cumbrians.

The film is inspired by their real-life experiences growing up in Cumbria and their hopes for the future.

The team over at Anti Racist Cumbria hope the film will not only inspire young people across the world to celebrate their differences but motivate even the coldest of hearts to become actively anti-racist.

We truly can't wait to see this film on our screens, but for this to happen, additional funding is needed so the dream team of industry animators and designers can take the film to the next level and present it at prestigious film festivals, how exciting would that be?

To find out more about the project and donate, you can find the link to their crowdfunder here.

Seeing projects like this take off in Cumbria is so exciting and needed and we're forever so impressed by everything @antiracistcumbria does.

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