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Help Host A Masterpiece At A Popular Local Museum

Volunteers are needed by The Beacon Museum in Whitehaven to help out with the exhibiting of a masterpiece.

Later this year, the museum will host a priceless artwork on tour from the National Gallery.

Under this same scheme, the museum has exhibited Jean-Siméon Chardin's House of Cards. The next painting - yet to be revealed - is so prized, that staff or volunteers will need to be present in the gallery with it at all times. Copeland's Customer and Visitor Experience Manager, Hether Holmes, said: "Our volunteers are among our most valuable assets, and without them the museum wouldn't be the unique place it is. "This is a rewarding role, and a real help to us here at the museum – hosting a masterpiece is very exciting but the invigilating can require significant staffing. "We're asking locals to come forward and volunteer for a number of three-hour shifts during the exhibition, which runs from September 24 until January 8. Volunteers might also be stationed around the rest of the four-storey building, depending on where they're needed."

Apart from being physically present in the gallery, helpers could find themselves welcoming visitors, providing information about the artwork, answering questions and gathering feedback from visitors. Additional responsibilities could include:

  • Monitoring the gallery to make sure the artwork is safe and secure.

  • Helping maintain a tidy and well-presented gallery.

  • Making sure no-one eats, drinks or takes photographs in the gallery.

The role can be seated much of the time, and doesn't require great physical fitness. All necessary training will be provided.

Anyone interested in the role should contact the Beacon Museum's Volunteer Co-ordinator, Andrew McCourt, on 01946 592302, or at


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