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Free Radical Arts Team Up With London Based Museum of Youth Culture

Free Radical Arts, a Carlisle-based community interest organisation is collaborating with The Museum of Youth Culture.

The Museum of Youth Culture is a new emerging museum dedicated to the styles, sounds, and social movements innovated by young people over the last 100 years.

The Museum champions the impact of young people on modern society and has created a collection of photographs, objects, oral stories, and memorabilia to share and celebrate youth culture history.

The LGBT+ arts organisation was approached by the London-based museum to become part of their Outreach Champion project.

A collection of photos used to promote the museums Outreach Champion project

This exciting new project involves collecting images of youth culture from the past 100 years across the UK and Cumbria has been invited to share our youth history.

In partnership with Tullie House Museum, Cumbria Libraries and Archives, and Pride in North Cumbria, Free Radicals are creating a collection of photos of people and nostalgic items from the past that reflect the lives of young people growing up in our county.

Some Free Radicals posing for photos to be part of the Outreach Champion project

This project is the first of its kind to document youth culture in Cumbria and encourages the public to submit to a growing archive that will be displayed in exhibitions in Coventry and Carlisle this summer.

Already the project has had a successful launch since asking for submissions last month and has received photos from over half a century ago right the way through to present day.

Photo of punks from Cumbria

The Free Radicals team needs your help to complete the exhibit and wants to show an array of diverse young people from the past and future.

If anyone would like to become part of this ground-breaking exhibition it would be appreciated if you could send in some photos, art, and items reflective of the era to Free Radical Arts.

For example, if you grew up in the 2000s it could be that Tamagotchi that is now probably dead!

A photo of collected ‘Ephemera’ which means collectable items that were originally expected to have only short-term usefulness or popularity photo credit: The Ephemera Society of America

You can submit to the project via free radicals email at:

Or you can attend the drop-in sessions listed here:

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