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Do You Care about the Future of Cumbria?

Cumbria is a fantastic place to live. The endless countryside, local produce, inspiration for many an escape from the rat race known all around the UK. However, if we’re not careful, The Lake District could fall victim to modernisation and many of our humble normalities could be affected if we don't plan ahead.

The biggest issue facing Cumbria is the dramatic loss of future generations. As Cumbria fails to host a variety of job opportunities for industries such as the arts, entertainment, tech, and more, and much of Cumbria’s youth are leaving to widen their horizons, with 20-24-year-olds making up the least amount of people in Cumbria, only 4.7% (ONS).

But, there is still time to make a change and help Cumbria develop into a county that supports its own future and for us to hopefully see Cumbria become a sustainable area for those that feel they need to move away to pursue their careers.

To engage in this change, we are conducting research that will allow us to investigate the thoughts and opinions of young people in Cumbria and how we can change our county to better suit YOUR future.

Secure your future today by completing our 5-minute survey, you'll also be entered into a prize draw with a chance to win a £20 Amazon voucher. Prizes will be announced July 31.

If you’ve ever wanted to voice your opinions about Cumbria, now is the time.

Check out the survey here.

*Disclaimer: The survey is completely anonymous and abides by GDPR regulations, Your email and name are only required for the prize draw. All results will be stored with Josh, one of Hollr’s reporters and the creator of this survey and research. All results will only be shared with members of Hollr’s team for the use of improving our services and helping us work towards our goal of making Cumbria a more sustainable place for young people.

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