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What to Do on A Rainy Day in Cumbria

If you’re currently living in Cumbria, you may have noticed that in comparison to last year, the number of rainy days we’ve had seems to have dramatically increased, leaving many people pining for the hotter weather.

With June just around the corner, there’s some talk of heatwaves on the way, but for now, each weekend is leaving many Cumbrians across the county staring solemnly out of their windows in shorts and a t-shirt, sulking over their summery plans being derailed once again.

While Cumbria is often pinned as a wet county, infamous for large amounts of rainfall, it can still be difficult to know what to do and how to spend rainy days, weekends (or half-term holidays) off.

So, we rounded up some of the best things to do in Cumbria when the rain has written off that BBQ and beach trip you’ve been planning since the end of December…

Please Note: Make sure you double check that where you are visiting is open in line with current Covid restrictions and is accepting indoor visitation. Restrictions are subject to change, so to avoid disappointment, make sure you check before you go.

Head to a coffee shop with a friend

Now that Covid-19 restrictions have eased enough to allow for us to go indoors in groups of 6, coffee shops have been able to safely return. There’s nothing nicer than getting a warm drink in wet weather with a friend or two to catch up and gossip about the latest craic. Some of our favorite coffee shops in Cumbria include The Gather in Ennerdale, Dr Brews Coffee Shop in Windermere, Kat’s Kitchen in Keswick, and The Harbour Master in Whitehaven.

Head to a museum or aquarium

Cumbria has no shortage of amazing museums and a few awesome aquariums to choose from. Visiting these places with friends or family can make for some great memories (and some super nice pictures for Instagram of course). Our top pics for Cumbrian Museums are The Beacon in Whitehaven, The Puzzling Place in Keswick, and the Helena Thompson Museum in Workington. For aquariums, we’ve picked out Maryport Aquarium and The Lakes Aquarium in Ulverston.

Indoor Sports or Adventure

If you’re looking for an idea that’s more on the physical side, why not book and try out an adventure or indoor sports session? Across Cumbria, there are loads of indoor venues that you can enjoy when the weather is poor. If you’re interested in climbing and bouldering or indoor caving, then Kong Adventure in Keswick could be the place for you (they also have a mountain-themed on-site escape room available!). There are plenty of swimming pools dotted around our county too. Some of our favourite spots being Keswick Leisure Pool and Workington Leisure Centre.

Additionally, if you’re a skater or interested in booking a skating lesson, Urban Extreme Indoor Skatepark in Barrow and Project One Skatepark in Carlisle are great places to visit when going outdoors is a no-go.

Visit a Unique Place

Did you know Cumbria was home to The Kadampa Temple for World Peace? You can find this beautiful temple in Ulverston alongside the International Centre for Modern Kadampa Buddhism. The temple is open to visitors and is a great place to destress and view the stunning architecture. You can even join in with the 15-minute guided meditation that takes place at 2:30 each day. Some of our other top pics for unique places in Cumbria include Muncaster Castle in Muncaster and Honister Slate Mine in Honister (where you can actually take tours into the mines themselves). These trips are great for creating long-lasting and interesting memories.

Vintage Shopping

If you’re after a day out that’s a little less structured, then why not take to the local charity and vintage shops across Cumbria? Some of our top vintage shop pics include Warrick Bazaar in Carlisle, Absolutely Nice Vintage in Carlisle, and Beyond Brave Vintage in Maryport. Thrifting has soared in popularity thanks to TikTok and Cumbria is a great place to get involved with this hobby. You could even set up a mini competition with your friends to see who can get the best find of the day and follow it up with lunch or a coffee out of the rain.

What do you do on rainy days in Cumbria? Let us know in the comments below!

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