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We Want to Hear Your Thoughts On Life in Cumbria...

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Calling all young people in Cumbria!

We want to get to know you better.

As a local Cumbrian News and Entertainment platform powered by young people, we aim to give you a platform to voice thoughts and opinions.

To learn how we can better serve you we’d like to invite you to take part in a survey where we can listen to what you think about Cumbria and its opportunities for young people.

We get it, Cumbria is a rather secluded area of the UK and it can often feel like there aren't many opportunities for young people here.

We’d like to change that and to do so we need to hear directly from you and you can help us by answering the questions on our Google Form survey.

The survey is completely anonymous and the data collected will be used to develop the Hollr platform and provide more opportunities for young people in Cumbria such as events and hopefully, more employment.

Have you ever wanted more from your county? Now is the time to voice your opinion.

Check out our Google Forms survey here:

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