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Unsigned Tune Reviews: Better Now

Maddie Rose is back with her danciest pop bop yet, it dropped today and it's already in my party playlist - I can't get enough.

Better now is a perfect upbeat tune to boogie too, but that doesn't take away from the thoughtful lyrics and the clever vocal harmonies that Maddie has already shown us in songs before.

Maddie proves that she can perfectly blend genres and make something that you can't help but tap your foot to. The mixture of R&B vocals with the more poppy, dance instrumental is something that I haven;t come across before but would love to hear more of this from Maddie.

My favourite part of this song is the super catchy hook that will no doubt be stuck in everyone's mind over the coming weeks, the lyrics are really easy to sing-along to and when asked about the lyrical content of the song Maddie said "making mistakes is okay because you learn along the way and become a better person" she then went on to say that's why she asks herself if she's feeling 'better now'.

I bloody love this song, almost as much as I love the artist! Keep on making tunes please Maddie xx

If you want to catch Maddie performing live she will be featuring at Kopper's in Cockermouth on the 27th of September!

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