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Turning Lockdown into Music - The LIMF Academy's Lockdown Collabo Series

Here at Hollr, we love to celebrate all things Cumbria, but we also always aim to show you all some of the amazing opportunities that are available outside of our county too, especially if it is something previous Hollr participants are involved with.

So today, we want to introduce you to the LIMF academy. The LIMF academy is an award-winning music talent development initiative for 16-25-year-olds based in Liverpool that provides ‘exclusive access to activities and insider know-how from the music industry’ while also offering a further range of fantastic support for those looking to develop a career in the music industry. If you’re thinking about attending university and studying music in Liverpool, The LIMF Academy is a great career-boosting option to consider applying for.

The LIMF Academy have not let the pandemic hold them back and in light of the lockdown, they have released the Lockdown Collabo Series, which we want to celebrate and explore with you today.

The Lockdown Collabo series focused on a set of collaborations between two Academy artist who had never worked together before. These duos were then challenged to make, mix and release a brand-new song (from scratch!) using the good old internet over a 48-hour period. This series has seen the Academy’s current cohort of emerging artists develop great confidence in tackling challenges that push them out of their comfort zone.

For a second year running under various Covid lockdowns and restrictions, the LIMF Academy have expertly adapted the way they support their emerging artists and deliver their plethora of masterclasses, creative sessions and mentoring. This adaptation has led to exciting projects like the Lockdown Collabo Series, which has given their participants the chance to work with people they had most likely never met face-to-face with before during a period of time where social interaction has been limited for public safety. The series has been the perfect response to the current state of the world, by interconnecting artists and continuing to provide professional support via the virtual world.

The collaborations have resulted in a 5-track collection that is now available for streaming across platforms. The tracks cover a wide range of genres and sounds which makes for a truly captivating listening experience.

Amongst these collaborations, the cohort have covered a range of lyrical topics. Artist Beth Harris also known by her alias “Lazygirl” creates dreamy indie pop that explores mental health, femininity and sexuality while singer-songwriter Micheal Aldag meshes an unpretentiously wry look at the world with a pop sensibility.

The tracks can be found here and include:

1. Michael Aldag x Amber Jay – DROWNING

2. Micayl x Jasmine Johnson – EASY YELLOW

3. Antonia x Josefina Amon – LOST FOCUS


5. Lzygirl x Spilt Milk Society – THE GARDEN

The series has been incredibly beneficial in giving the cohort the chance to experiment with their creativity and challenging them to come together to create during a time where everyone has had to remain apart.

For more information on the LIMF Academy, the current cohort and how to sign up for next year, head to their Twitter or Instagram or their website.

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