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Top 5 Careers for Those who Love to Travel

Cumbrians are often renowned for never leaving the county, but times are changing! With RyanAir flights and the £2 bus ticket scheme still going, globe-trotting is now more accessible than ever. Even better, it can be turned into a career.

So, if your air miles are longer than your phone number, here are five careers that might be right up your street - or across your sea?

1. Flight Attendant

If you love to fly and enjoy working with people, a career as a flight attendant may be perfect for you.

This may seem the obvious choice, but there’s a lot that goes into flight attending! It’s not just as simple as manning the duty-free trolley.

If you’re big on languages, or just love the uniform, flight attending could be the perfect career for you.

You get to travel the world, meet people and hear stories you’ve never heard before, all while earning a pretty penny! The average flight attendant salary is around £26,500/year.

Not bad for the opportunities and perks!

2. Travel Writer

If you have a passion for writing and love to travel, a career as a travel writer may be perfect for you.

And now, with the rise of TikTok, YouTube, and short-form content, your holidays could pay for themselves (and then some!) just by blogging and vlogging your experiences online.

You can break into travel blogging with a blogging agency, by contacting travel agencies, or as a freelancer, making this the perfect side-hustle too!

3. Tour Guide

If you love to explore new places and enjoy sharing your knowledge with others, this could be a bit of you!

This line of work is perfect for people with a love for a specific country. So, if you’ve visited Spain more times than you care to count, or you think you know Japan like the back of your hand, it might be time to put your money where your mouth is.

4. Cruise Ship Worker

If sun and sea sounds better than stars and sky to you, then you could do well as a cruise ship worker.

This is a great career for people who love to travel and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment, and with a range of opportunities available in entertainment, bartending, or housekeeping (shipkeeping?) to name a few, there’s plenty of space to get involved.

Warning: Not suitable for the seasick.

5. International Aid Worker

Here’s one you might not have heard of!

This may seem slightly less glamorous than the other positions, but as an international aid worker you can combine your passion for helping others with your love of travel.

As an international aid worker, you’ll travel around the world helping survivors of natural disasters, conflict, or humanitarian crises.

This is certainly a rewarding career path, and it might be perfect for you.

If you love to travel, then there is a world of options available to you! The sky’s the limit!

Okay, enough puns.

But seriously, if any of this excites you, then we say go for it.

There are endless ways to turn your passion into a career, but few that will give you as many opportunities and take you as far around the world as the travel industry.

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