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Three New Years walks inspired by film and TV shows

The Lake District has been used as a filming location in many hit films over recent years. So this new year, why not fall into these fantasy realms and explore some ideas for these amazing walks with our Content Creator Chimwemwe to kick start your 2022...

Cathedral Quarry, Little Langdale:

Just a 40-minute walk away from the village of Elterwater you can discover a network of breath-taking caves. Nestle beneath Little Langdale there are various tunnels to explore and at the end of the main tunnel you can enter a forty-foot-high chamber local known as ‘The Cathedral’.

These dark and dewy rock formations are the backdrop of the 2012 hit fantasy film Snow White and the Huntsman starring Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth.

This is a great walk for people who want to immerse themselves in a fairy tale and the environment of the Cathedral Caves offers just that. You can easily spend over 1hr exploring the caves and the surrounding nature. Just be sure to read the safety notices before entering the caves.

Derwentwater, Keswick:

The lengthiest walk on the list is Derwentwater circular, a 10-mile walk that takes you from stunning viewpoints such as Friars Crag, professedly one of the most romantic spots in the Lake District and through dense woodland where you will be met with wooden bridges to cross and hills to scramble up.

This walk is a challenge but is sure worth it when taking in the surrounding mountains of Catbells and the islands that are nestled into the south side of the lake near Keswick.

Whilst walking by the lakeshore it is hard to imagine that this was the backdrop for the lakes and shoreline of ‘Takondana’ for Star Wars the Force Awakens. In the movie, Stormtroopers attack the usually serene Derwentwater.

Rydal Water, Rydal: If you don’t want a walk that is heavily saturated by the presence of other ramblers and isn’t too challenging then this 3-mile trek around Rydal water will be sure to suit you. Rydal water in sandwich in between the villages of Grasmere and Ambleside.

Starting from Rydal Mount you can make your way through a mulchy forest path and take in the glistening icy winter water. On the circular walk, you can end up at Wordsworth’s seat on the western end of this ¾ long lake which is purported to be the poet's favourite viewpoint.

Another point of interest on the walk is Rydal Cave, a large cavern situated on the northside of Loughrigg fell where season 2 of Netflix’s hit fantasy drama The Witcher has been filmed.

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