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This Years Christmas Music Hits

Does Mariah Carey still rein, or has a new player produced a better Christmas song? Let's take a look at this years Christmas charts.

Every year people must hear Mariah Careys “All I Want For Christmas Is You” at least 100 times or more. Ever since its debut in 2011, the classic Christmas song became a hit and has reigned supreme with number 1 spots on the charts every season.

However, what if a new player on the scene produced a new, better Christmas song?

Let's take a look at the charts and find out.

Focusing on the top 10 songs, over on the Spotify Charts (as of the 13th of December) Mariah Carey sits atop her throne with 5,076,536 plays. However, there isn't another Christmas song until number 4 with Last Christmas by Wham!

The next two tracks are “abcdefu” by Gayle and “Stay” by The Kid Laroi. A testament to their feat as pop songs to remain in their charts during the Christmas period. However, they’ve got relatively little to do with Christmas itself.

Instead, both tracks had been featured heavily on TikTok being used as the backing tracks for user creations, showing TikTok's power to influence today's music industry.

Adele rolls in at number 5 with “Easy On Me.” No surprise there with her new album “30” which was released on the 19th of November and culminated in her Hollywood performance “An Audience With Adele” in which she performed her new album to an audience of various Hollywood celebrities.

The only other non-Christmas songs to feature on the Spotify charts is “Industry Baby” by Lil Nas X, which I admit is a genuine banger due to its orchestral hook. As well as this, we have “Heat Waves” by Glass Animals at number 10. Again, both tracks feature heavily on TikTok.

Lastly, in at number 7, 8 and 9 is “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” by Brenda Lee, “Jingle Bell Rock” by Bobby Helms, and “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas” by Michael Buble. A welcome return from Mr Buble as he took time off from Christmas songs to spend more time with his family after his son was diagnosed with cancer.

However, Mariah Carey's rein changes when looking at the official UK charts. Currently at number 1 is “Merry Christmas” by Elton John and Ed Sheeran. Released on Atlantic Records, their new festive banger has spent the last week in the charts at number 1 with it being set for a second week. Hopefully, it will remain there for quite some time.

A collaboration between two legendary British artists, “Merry Christmas” sees the two produce an original track to celebrate this year's festivities. Perfectly combining both Elton John's classic piano style of songwriting with the peppy light-hearted sound of Ed Sheeran, “Merry Christmas” could be a new player in the Christmas Number 1’s.

Next, Adele appears higher here at number two with “Easy On Me” and Wham! Takes third place with “Last Christmas.”

It’s not until number 4 that Mariah Carey returns with the much-loved track, a much lower ranking than previous years.

Gayle appears again at number 5 with “abcdefu” and Shakin’ Stevens makes a welcome appearance at number 6 with “Merry Christmas Everyone.”

Then, the recently ‘cancelled’ Christmas song “Fairytale Of New York” by The Pouges and Kirst Maccoll takes number 7. However, it's surprising as it was suspended from radios last year for the use of the word fa**ot seen as a homophobic slur.

Another equally surprising song to be in the charts at Christmas time is “Flowers (Say My Name)” by ArrDee. Showcasing the power of British rap music, this track speaks of ArrDee’s cheeky antics in not giving girls flowers but giving them something else instead.

And lastly, we see Buble and Brenda Lee at number 9 and 10 with “It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas” and “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree.”

The two charts are particularly peculiar this year, featuring much more than just Christmas music. The surprise number one from Elton John and Ed Sheeran sees Mariah Carey take a bit of a backseat and the songs from Gayle, ArrDee, Adele, Lil Nas X, Kid Laroi and Glass Animals certainly do shake up the usual festival songs.

What's your favourite Christmas charting song of this year? Let us know in the comments down below.

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