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The Rise of AI-Generated Music

In an era where technology continuously pushes the boundaries of human creativity, AI has now elbowed its way into the world of music…

AI-generated songs, crafted by algorithms and machine learning, represent a fascinating intersection of technology and artistry, but not without its controversies!

AI-generated music relies on complex algorithms that analyse patterns, structures, and styles present in vast datasets of existing music.

These algorithms, often based on neural networks, learn the nuances of different genres and artists, enabling them to compose original pieces that mimic the characteristics of human-created music.

Originally used to create new music, users on TikTok and other social media platforms have now made use of AI to create covers of their favourite songs, by other artists. A famous example of this is a Lana Del Rey ‘cover’ of Mitski’s new single, ‘Mine All Mine’.

Fans of Mitski were quick to argue that these covers lack the emotional depth of the original, and are offensive in that they seem to minimise the original author’s life experiences, and the deeply personal emotions and trauma Mitski divulges through her music.

Opponents argue that it is easy to detect AI-generated music, and that these covers could introduce new listeners to Mitski’s music, as they will eventually discover who wrote the song originally, and this could be mutually beneficial for all artists involved.

To take a true deep dive into this, I generated an AI-cover of my own. To link to the original, I had Lana Del Rey cover Green Day’s ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’, and you can listen to that here.

While the result is quite beautiful, it is clear that the song is computer-generated, and it doesn’t, in my opinion, sound completely like Lana.

As AI algorithms continue to refine their understanding of musicality, the landscape of music creation will undoubtedly transform.

Whether viewed as a tool for collaboration, a wellspring of inspiration, or a controversial disruptor, AI-generated music invites us to reconsider the very essence of creativity and challenges us to redefine the boundaries of musical expression.

Feel free to create these covers, and experiment with new sounds and ideas, but be aware that you may be legally required to declare that content is AI-generated, or unconsciously subject yourself to legal action by the original or e-artist of the content. These laws will vary by region, and it’s important to know which apply to you.

What do you think of AI-music?

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