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The Revitalisation of Pub Sports

Through the hard, isolated times of COVID, pubs have been one of the hardest-hit industries, and this was something we could all see in our local area.

Pubs struggled with the lack of customers, but luckily, not all of them have had to close, thanks to our strong communities coming together to support our local businesses.

Some pubs had a lot of fun during lockdown, especially The New Crown in Bowthorn, which hosted a Zoom quiz and had the police called on them because people spotted two figures at the bar, when in fact it was just two skeleton decorations!

But another thing that took a hit through COVID was the loss of pub sports including pool, darts, and dominoes.

For generations, these were the backbone of a working man’s weekday venture to the pub, and still to this day, are prospering, with younger generations getting involved, which is really refreshing to see.

Pub sports allow young people to socialize with older people, and the exchange of advice or anecdotes from older generations is probably some of the best advice you’ll ever receive, believe me!

For me personally, I love going to my local to play, as it’s allowed me to play a variety of people and from day 1, I felt like I was a part of the pub’s heart, and now, it’s my go-to whenever I have the time to practice.

Above: A darts tournament being held in Top House, Cleator Moor. Look at the amount of people!

I recently spoke to Cleator Moor Celtic’s bar manager, Susan Pollard, to catch her thoughts on the great pub games and what they bring to our communities:

How do you feel that pub sports are back up and running?

I think it’s really good that they are back up and running, but obviously, it’s still in the early stages, with people wanting to keep everyone safe.

But hopefully, down the road, the amount of people coming out to play or watch will increase massively.

What do you think they bring to the community?

Well, it brings a sense of competition as our local pubs play in darts and pool leagues, and for the pubs hosting, it’s a great source of revenue for them and a great night out for all.

You also have to remember that some of these people won’t have seen each other in nearly 2 years, which is crazy to think about!

Why do you think they are essential for our community?

Because we only have small towns and villages in our local area, pub sports are sometimes the only reason that certain people go out and socialise, so being a part of a pub team is very important to some people.

Do you think pub sports have a future with the younger generations?

I think we need to get the younger generation involved to show them it can be something they may enjoy, especially if the interest in physical sports isn’t there for them, and it will help them to socialise within their local area.

Do you think we'll see a rise in the popularity of pub sports in future generations?

Let us know in the comments.

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