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The Kindness of Cumbria's Sporting Community

As much as most of us don’t appreciate it, we really do live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country.

With rolling hills and a forest backdrop spanning for miles, alongside crystal blue lakes complimenting the hidden beaches beneath centuries-old tree branches, there's no denying it-

Cumbria is quality.

And so are the people. Anywhere you go, you are met with genuine kindness and friendliness from young and old, and this has been reflected superbly within the torrid year of 2021.

We are lucky to have such a tight-knit sporting biosphere spanning from Carlisle, down to Barrow and across to the likes on Penrith and Kendal.

Everyone knows they are part of a much bigger team, and this has never been so true.

Danny Hodgson was a talented footballer who grew up in Cleator Moor. He played youth football for Cleator Moor Celtic and Windscale, before earning a big opportunity with Carlisle United.

He then decided to take his talent to the other side of the world, playing for Perth side ECU Joondalup SC in the National Premier League where he claimed the club's 'golden boot' award as the competition's leading goalscorer in 2020.

In August 2021, unfortunately, Danny was involved in a freak accident whilst on his way home from a night out, leading to him being placed into an induced coma.

His story was shared worldwide, stemming from a post his mother Nicola shared on Facebook.

Footballing stars such as Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Chelsea defender Reece James and Cumbria’s own, Scott Carson, shared and donated to aid Danny’s parents to get a flight urgently to be by the side of their son, and they were granted their wish after a strenuous battle, raising over £175,000.

The fight by not just Cumbria, but the world, shows the love and support our great county has for one of our own.

Even to a smaller extent, during the recent flash floods at the end of October, the playing fields of amateur side Whitehaven Miners were submerged by the torrential rain.

Through hard work and fundraising events, the club has raised over £5,000 to aid them in new drainage for the pitch to ensure this never happens again. If you would like to donate, here's the link.

Events like these really do make me proud to be where I'm from, and they should make you proud too.

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