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The Cumbrian Christmas Wishlist

Gift ideas from some of our Creator of the Week's businesses to #shoplocal this year.

With Christmas fast approaching, it's time to get your Christmas shopping finished so you can hunker down for the season and enjoy the festivities! However, with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to track down the best gifts for your loved ones this year.

That's why we're here with the Cumbrian Christmas wishlist! It features some of the finest gifts from local Cumbrian businesses so you can #shoplocal in 2021.

From upcycled jewellery to personalised nails and even some wax vegan candles!

All businesses chosen were featured on our social media this past year. If you’d like to have your business considered for a feature in 2022, please email us at

5. Ruth's Paintings and Prints

Inspired largely in part by The Lake District and its endless scenery, Ruth is a 19-year-old artist who studies at The University of Edinburgh. However, in her spare time, she creates stunning watercolor paintings which are impressively detailed and personal.

Ruth first decided to sell copies of her art on Etsy during lockdown, and now has a fine selection of posters and prints. Although, her art really excels for the fans of Taylor Swift.

As a massive Taylor Swift fan herself, some of her most notable products include illustrations of Taylor Swift’s albums “Evermore” and “Folklore.”

She says “When I was 13, Taylor Swift was my favourite artist. Since then, I began to grow out of her music, but then she released the albums Folklore and Evermore which I found lyrically very inspiring, and I began creating more work based on that.”

You can check out her products here.

4. El Rogers Stickers

An 18-year-old artist based out of Beckermet, El Rogers creates abstract art which they sell as stickers on RedBubble. The intensely colourful designs are very reminiscent of 60s psychedelic patterns, almost like something from The Beatles Yellow Submarine film from 1968.

They encapsulate a truly unique area of art and having been inspired by cartoons and a YouTube channel called “Fun2Draw” you can see why.

They further developed their artistic style during 6th form whilst at school saying “I think my art developed a lot during my A-levels, I started to use more mediums so originally I was just using pencils and graphite, but then I found out I can use colour which was a turning point and a half.”

The shop also now features a range of designs including “Ballonicorns”, “Catclops” and a personal favourite "The Shocked Racoon.”

You can check out her stickers here.

3. Nii Nailz

If you’re a fan of nail art, this artist and her fantastic products are definitely for you. Nina of Nii Nailz, is a 20-year-old professional nail artist based in Whitehaven. However, she also sells her nail sets on Etsy too.

From intricate horror patterns, to pop culture references, Nina has a lot of designs on offer and is regularly updating her catalogue with new and interesting designs. She says “I've a backlog of ideas ready to go in my head!

Fine lines and small details are what I love the most, being a perfectionist though it can take time! I enjoy when clients have their own ideas and I can put my own spin on it too.”

After studying and teaching art, she wanted to work in a creative environment and had always been interested in nails from a young age.

Once the first lockdown was over, she began training in nail technology and press-on nails so she could open her nail business.

You can check out her nail packs here.

2. Isobel’s Poetry and Candles

A 20-year-old artist, illustrator, musician, and poet, Isobel Faulkner is quite the creative powerhouse. But amongst all this, she still finds the time to also be a young entrepreneur, selling hand-poured, olive wax vegan candles.

Under her own personal brand, her “Lucky Koi” candles form part of her recent self-published release of her poetry collection “Stories of growth” with each candle named after a chapter in the collection.

They also come in 100% eco-friendly biodegradable packaging as her brand promotes a positive approach to the environment having been partnered with One Tree Planted which plants a tree for each item sold.

You can check out her candles and book here.

1. Millie’s Upcycled Jewellery

22-year-old Millie from Workington is the owner of Moo’s Magical Finds, where she upcycles sea glass that she finds on the Cumbrian coastline into unique jewellery.

Her business began as part of her efforts to be more mindful about mental health with walks on the beach.

During these walks, she noticed the abundance of washed up glass and began collecting each piece until she had jars and jars full.

She said: “I thought, ‘I'm gonna make some jewellery’ and I’ve found that it has been a really positive distraction because it keeps me, my mind and hands busy.”

Since launching, she's created a variety of pieces.

From earrings to keyrings and even Christmas decorations for your Christmas tree!

You can check out her glass jewellery here.

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