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The 80's called...they want their riffs back!!

I didn't want to do this, I was waiting for someone else to point it out but no one has. Is this a exclusive??.....Let's find out!

Extreme Noise Terror, Napalm Death, Crass, Meshuggah.

All traditional fayre on my turntable, the louder, faster, more brutal the better.

So no one was more surprised than me when The 1975 found themselves getting a spin on my gramophone.

It's probably a bit of nostalgia, there is something about their sound that nods heavily towards the eighties. Is it the guitar tones? the synths? not really sure, but it's pretty cool.

The debut LP has some well crafted songs and follow up album " I like it when you sleep" cements their sound.

Additionally, they seem to have inspired a raft of other up and coming bands/artists to get on a eighties tip, CHVRCHES and of course their label mates PALE WAVES to name a couple.

Whilst's the eighties vibe has been (and presented a refreshing change to the charts) it is back on it's way out.

And the 1975 have heralded their own change with their return to the charts dropping several singles from their next album.

But have they moved forward or taken a HUGE step back??

Like many others, I tuned into Radio 1 to hear the first play of "Give yourself a try".

I wasn't instantly grabbed by this new tune, but there was something about it that once again gave me a nostalgic hug. Familiarise yourself below.

(I will ask you to come back later)

But this time it was different!

That nostalgia wasn't simply for a "sound" it was for a song I had heard before.

Or had I? you know when you just can't put your finger on something!!

Skip forward a couple of weeks.

Good old Spotify daily mix, made just for me!! It's fantastic.

Mix 1 unsurprisingly consists of contemporary Indie bands with an eighties edge.

Mix 2 is a combination of Punk, Hardcore, Grind, Grunge and old school Indie bands.

Nestled between DISCHARGE and The COCKNEY REJECTS were the legendary JOY DIVISION.

A few bars into DISORDER and it all came flooding back.

Have a listen!

Remember when I asked you to go back to that 1975 song?

Do it now.

Just saying.

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