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Review: Workington's Parkway Cinema

Let’s talk about one of the most promising venues in Cumbria right now- Workington’s Parkway Cinema!

Having moved into Dunmail Park following the closure of Plaza Cinema 2 years prior, the £4million refurbished luxury cinema has proven to be a raging success with the locals after its opening just shy of a month ago.

Photo credit: Workington Parkway Cinemas website

The space has undergone major refurbishment, now featuring leather recliners, handy rotatable food and drink holders, and some brilliant pre-movie food options in the cafe.

Parkway offers private hire for events and parties, and even strays away from your typical ‘cinema’ food.

While still having the classics like hot dogs and the much-loved Tango Ice Blasts, the cinema has an indulgent brunch menu, and even offers cocktail options for a treat on date night!

While the six-screen establishment does feature all the latest blockbusters, the true praise lies in the alternative screenings, and the effort all of the Parkway staff have gone to to make the cinema experience an accessible one.

For example, Parkway promotes a ‘Senior Screen’ every Tuesday at 10:30am where they show ‘classic and modern’ films for those over 55, with a cup of tea and a biscuit included in the £5 ticket price!

They also offer ‘relaxed’ showings, which are screenings intended for those with autism or dementia.

On Parkway Cinema’s Facebook page it’s stated that their “aim is to create a more relaxed and supportive environment, where people are more understanding of the needs of others”.

‘Relaxed’ screenings will feature lower volume, little to no adverts and slightly brighter lights than usual. CEA cardholders are also permitted to bring a carer with them for no extra charge!

Accessibility at ‘day-out’ venues goes a long way, so praise is due for all of the Parkway team for the diversity of screening options, particularly when we take our rural area into account.

Photo credit: Workington Parkway Cinemas website

Ticket prices have been criticized by some, but as stated by the directors of Parkway, the cinema is labeled as ‘luxury’, and I would argue that the leather recliners alone are worth the price!

Whether you’re looking for a family day out, a catchup with your friends or a classy date night, Parkway offers a truly enjoyable experience for any occasion, and when it’s set right in the heart of Cumbria, could you ask for anything more?

What are your thoughts on the brand new cinema? Have you had a chance to visit yet? Let us know!

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