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Protest Seeks to Question Where the Freedom of Religious Speech Ends and Hate Speech Begins

LGBTQIA+ youth charity Pride in North Cumbria recently reached out to Cumbria County Council, Carlisle City Council and Carlisle Police regarding their worries over the freedom of religious speech in Cumbria.

The charity’s concerns first arose after evangelical preachers in Carlisle City Centre engaged in public preaching that PiNC believe crossed into hate speech and harassment.

Project Worker Stevie Westgarth from PiNC has said,

‘We feel this issue requires urgent attention but are yet to receive any support or interest from the councils.’

In response to this, PiNC have organized a peaceful protest in Carlisle City Centre on Saturday the 11th of September from 12pm onwards. The protest will meet opposite Boots.

The protest, under the name of ‘God Loves You Hun’ is a protest of solidarity for all those affected by hate speech in Cumbria.

Stevie Westgarth has said on the protest,

‘We and our supporters feel we have no choice but to take positive action to raise awareness that the rights of women, LGBTQ people and those of different races and abilities are being side-lined because, we believe, the authorities put the right of religious people before others.’

For more information on the protest and how to get involved, head over to @pinc_cumbria and @freeradicalsunited Instagram’s.

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