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Most Christmassy Pet Competition!

Here at HOLLR, we felt that perhaps a little bit of extra cheer was needed this Christmas season.

So, who did we call on to best bring about some Yuletide joy?

Our festive, furry friends, of course!

We asked our readers to submit photos of their pets enjoying the Christmas spirit, with the most Christmassy pet and one runner up receiving a prize to pop under the tree.

Let's take a look at some of our favourite four-legged friends from around Cumbria:

This stylish pooch is Spider, entered by Abby from Workington!

We loved Spider's vast Christmas wardrobe, and fell for those puppy-dog eyes! Although his name might bring about thoughts of Halloween time, he's certainly one of the most Christmassy Hollrday hounds we saw.

(Here is Spider modelling some more of his festive fits: )

This furry friend is Bailey, owned by Debs from Workington!

The weather outside is frightful, but we all can see how delightful Bailey from Workington is.

How cosy he looks in his wonderful scarf! Wishing Bailey receives the doggy treats of his dreams this Christmas.

This next Christmas kitty is Douglas Claud Holmes, owned by Devon in Kells!

This reindeer-cat hybrid is Douglas.

Although looking perhaps slightly disgruntled in this photograph, we are sure he is well into the festive spirit by now!

We love the cat-sized Christmas tree, and Doug is definitely a present sat under it.

Our next charming entrant is Eric, submitted by Myles from Egremont!

Eric is certainly rockin' around the tree this Christmas!

Extra cute points for this submission, who wouldn't fall for those beautiful eyes?

Thank you Myles, be sure to take good care of Eric over the holidays and treat him to some Christmas dinner.

This dashing duo is Finn and Bailey, entered by Benjamin in Whitehaven!

This pair definitely win the prize for best headgear this Christmas!

Very trendy pieces, and a beautiful tree for them to strike a pose in front of.

This precious pup is Bella, owned by Grace from Workington!

This furry friend looks chuffed with her doggy advent calendar, and so she should be.

Only one treat left to open now, Bella, enjoy!

Next up is Smudge, submitted by Roxy in Broughton!

We loved Smudge's fluffy collar and proud posture - a true gentlecat.

This kitty looks straight out of Santa's workshop, and is completely adorable.

We hope one of those presents behind is for you, Smudge!

This glitzy pooch is Buddy, the runner-up of our Christmas Pet Competition! He was submitted by Tom in Whitehaven.

Buddy is a natural model, and makes this tinsel boa look just exquisite!

This pup seems like he could bring some seasonal cheer to any household.

Well done, Buddy and Tom!

And finally, the winner of our Most Christmassy Pet Competition- Frank, sent in by Ellie in Braystones!

The pet we picked to win our competition was Frank!

After close inspection, the HOLLR team could confirm that this photograph is indeed a of cat, and not Father Christmas.

However, Frank is still surely the jolliest fellow we've seen around this season, congratulations Frank and Ellie!

(P.S. If you happen to find Frank in your chimney on Christmas morning, please treat him to some fresh milk and send him on his way.)

Thank you to everyone who participated in this competition, and we hope these adorable companions brought as much Christmas cheer to you as they did us.

Happy Hollrdays everyone!

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