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Maddie Rose's "Good Days" - Genuinely Improving My Days

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Maddie Rose has finally dropped her debut single “Good Days” and it’s amazing to say the least.

Maddie is an extremely talented vocalist; we had our first preview of this song in her Magic Carpet Session – which was a much more relaxed and sultry version of this song. Since that session she has added a new contrasting bridge to the song and lifted the tempo quite a lot – the song gives me 90s R&B vibes and don’t get me started on that synth bass that rattles through the building when you’ve got it turned right up.

Let’s talk about the singing - I’m a real sucker for good harmonies and Maddie is basically a professional at these, she’s got an amazing balance of high and low harmonies on her vocals throughout the song giving each section of the single a different ambiance. Her lyrics are thoughtful, and although she is talking about her own personal experiences they’re not too specific so people are able to relate.

The accompanying video is really interesting, it doesn't have any particular storyline but it is so satisfying to watch. The vibrant colours and the way that the scenes shift in and out of focus both work to make the video very immersive, but the colours don't distract away from the star of the video, Maddie!!

Overall I love this song and music video, you don’t realise it’s been playing for 3 minutes and when it finishes you wish there was more. The obvious solution to this problem is to just play it on a continuous loop (which is what I've been doing).

"Good Days" single cover

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