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LGBT Resources in Cumbria

Now that pride month has come to a close, here at Hollr we decided to look at the best resources and support organisations available for young queer Cumbrians.

Pride in North Cumbria:

Pride in North Cumrbia’s logo photo credit: PiNC website

Pride in North Cumbria or colloquially known as PiNC is an LBTQ+ organisation that has nearly 20 year’s experience in supporting young people across Cumbria.

With over two decades of operations PiNC has a lengthy track record in activism in North Cumbria and most recently have organised a Women’s event (Woman Up!) that took place at Tullie House a couple weeks ago and have previously held peaceful protests against hate speech in Carlisle.

Not only do PiNC do great activist work, but they also provide a safe space for queer Cumbrians to socialise, take part in workshops and offer a whole host of activities and events.

PiNC regularly holds hate/crime and bullying prevention campaigns, and arts and crafts activities and have meet-ups with other LGBTQ+ groups.

PiNC has information and advice drop in’s for queer young people where they can get social support such as counselling, peer mentoring and skills training.

You can contact Pride in North Cumbria here.

Free Radical Arts; Based in North Cumbria

Free Radical Arts Facebook

The newest evolved LGBTQ+ organisation that focuses on all things art. During LGBTQ+ history month in February this year we got the chance to learn all about what Free Radical Arts does.

Free Radicals are an extension of Free Radical United (part of the PiNC network) that’s focus is “supporting and creating opportunities for queer creatives in Cumbria” according to Melanie Baker who’s part of the Free Radicals team.

When we spoke with Melanie earlier this year she expressed that Free Radical Arts was created out of response to the lack of LGBTQ+ community organisations for the arts:

“I felt like I didn’t have a community to turn to who understood my struggles with coming out, especially a creative one. I think I would have made that journey sooner if I had the creative opportunities like the ones Free Radical Arts aim to provide now, especially opportunities that encourage you to be your most authentic self.” - Melanie Baker

Since their evolution they’ve put on a whole host of creative queer events and workshops you can partake in such as Loud and Queer, Cumbria’s first of its kind queer showcase of emerging young creative queer talent and free art exhibitions such as ‘I, Me, Us’ that focused on trans and gender nonconforming people and their experiences.

You can contact Free Radical Arts here:

Out in the Bay; Based in Lancaster and Morecambe

Out in the Bay website

Out in the Bay may not be based in Cumbria but it’s an LGBTQ+ support service reachable to those living in South Cumbria where there currently isn’t any LGBTQ+ community groups.

Not only do they hold various support groups for Trans and non-binary people and the wider LGBTQ+ community they also offer equality and diversity training to the local community organisations and have worked in partnership with many across the Lancaster area including Lancaster University and Lancaster council.

Out in the Bay supports their local queer community with health and wellbeing issues that affect them such as Drug and Alcohol, Sexual Health and Mental Health where young people can be expected to have one to one support and a safe space to chat about their issues.

Lancaster pride taking place in 2019 photo credit: Out in the Bay website

Out in the Bay take an intersectional approach to supporting the local queer community and look at how to access crucial services needed to maintain good health and well-being such as their regular drop-in sessions, and peer-led support groups which support individuals living with HIV.

You can contact Out in the Bay here.

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