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Kendal Calling 2019: Five Low-Key Festival Essentials.

Kendal Calling 2019 is upon us, so I've put together a list of five festival essentials you might not have initially thought about packing to help you out in the fields this weekend.

1. Jungle Fever.

Kendal Calling takes place at the beautiful Lowther Deer Park, surrounded by dense foliage and far reaching woodland, the festival in full forest swing is truly a sight to behold. An unfortunate side effect of this however, is the army of midges laying in wait to gorge themselves on the Dark Fruits, Prosecco and hemoglobin cocktail flowing through the veins of KC party-goers. Grab a bottle of Jungle Fever and enjoy your itch free weekend.

2. Berocca.

This fizzy orange goodness is going to save your life. Trust me, smash a few beroccas at every single opportunity throughout your days and nights and you’ll never be hungover again. Pre-drinking at your tent? Get some beroccas dissolved in that vodka lemonade. Paid £6 for a bacon sandwich? Slip a few beroccas in for some added crunch. Berocca, sleep, rave, repeat.

3. Towel.

For the love of Christ, take a towel. You do not want to be that person* using yesterday's t-shirt to dry your sodden feet.

4. (Non disposable) Poncho.

Remember where you are this weekend, you’re still in sunny ol’ Cumbria. It’s going to rain, and it’s going to rain hard. The Met Office is expecting thunderstorms over the weekend and has issued a yellow weather warning for Thursday and Friday. Whilst a poncho definitely won’t save you from being struck by lightning, it will keep you nice and dry.

5. Glitter.

Look, covering yourself in glitter at a festival is the greatest and best idea in the world, right up until around 10:30am on the Monday morning. Raving away with your shiny shiny pals is honestly a wonderful feeling. But you’ve got to remember, glitter is a long term investment, a double edged sword. Each bit of glitter that you let your friends smear over your face with for Jax Jones at The Glow Tent will be sticking around for months, in every nook and cranny of your clothes, you’ll have glitter in parts of your face that you didn’t even know you had, you'll be unpacking your tent for Kendal Calling 2020 only to be greeted by a sea of coloured metallic specks. To live by the glitter, is to die by the glitter.

Have you got any more low-key festival essentials? Let me know what I've missed out by leaving a comment below, and remember to stay safe in the fields this weekend.

*It's me, I am that person. I have been that person at almost every festival I've ever been to, I'm mainly including this a reminder to future Calvin to bring a bloody towel.

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