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How You Can Support World Suicide Prevention Day Right Here in Cumbria

Suicide prevention charity Every Life Matters are inviting Cumbrians to show their support for World Suicide Prevention Day, by taking part in one of their memorial events either in-person or from home.

World Suicide Prevention Day takes place every year on the 10th of September and allows people to come together to raise awareness and take action to prevent suicides.

On Friday the 10th of September, events will take place at Barrow Town Hall, Whitehaven Harbour, and Carlisle Cathedral.

In Whitehaven, eventgoers are asked to gather where the lights glow purple and in Barrow-in-Furness, they are asked to gather in the square at the front of the town hall.

In Carlisle, eventgoers will gather under the main windows of the Cathedral.

The in-person events are informal, and eventgoers will not be required to book beforehand.

Cumbrians of all ages are encouraged to come and light a candle in solidarity with those struggling with thoughts of suicide right now or those who have lost loved ones to it.

There will be no speeches, ceremony or pressure to talk to other people.

Candles will be available for those who cannot bring their own, and photographs of lost loved ones and messages of support are welcomed to go alongside the candles.

Every Life Matters members along with other local suicide bereavement groups will attend the events to provide insight into the help available and the various suicide prevention activity happening across the county.

Cumbrians are also being invited to take part from home, by lighting a candle in their window at 8 pm on Friday the 10th of September, to remember those we have lost to suicide, those living with thoughts of suicide and to show support for suicide prevention.

Many of us here in Cumbria have been touched by suicide, and the events being held by Every Life Matters are important opportunities for us to come together, connect and show solidarity.

Every year, more people die as a result of suicide than HIV, malaria, or breast cancer, and more than war and homicide. It also remains one of the leading causes of death worldwide.

Chris Wood, charity manager at Every Life Matters has said,

“The Covid-19 pandemic has hit Cumbria hard over the last 18 months and we have seen an unprecedented rise in suicides in the county. Each one of these deaths is an individual tragedy with the pain and devastation it causes rippling out far and wide across our local communities. We wanted to provide an opportunity for people to come together in person, not just to remember those family members, friends, colleagues, neighbours, and community members we have lost to suicide – but also as an act of solidarity and a statement to all those people struggling out there with thoughts of suicide that you are not alone.”

If you are currently struggling with thoughts of suicide or with low mood, please remember that there are resources and people you can access and speak with that can help you. You are not alone.

Click here for further support and advice.

For more information on Every Life Matters’ WSPD training and resource packs, that are available click here.

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