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How To Spend Virtual Valentine's Day

It’s that time of year again - Valentine’s day.

Maybe those of you with a special someone had plans on how you would enjoy the day with your Valentine - perhaps a meal, movie night, or even a holiday.

But, as we all know, this is 2021 - sadly not the year to be cuddling up with loved ones if you don’t live together.

So, our plans of action are going to have to be more unconventional this year - it’s understood you might be feeling a bit stumped on how to spend it.

Luckily for you, we’ve been brainstorming and came up with a list of ways to feel closer to your loved one or friends if you can’t be together this Valentine’s day.

For the movie lovers…

Netflix Party/Rave

Used to getting cosy with your other half to watch a film on Valentine’s? Applications like Netflix Party and Rave can help replicate that ‘snug as a bug’ night in feeling. Watch something you both haven’t seen or an old favourite, gather some snacks and settle in. You’ll both have something to talk about after, and feel like you’ve done something as a pair (even if you can’t share the popcorn this year.)

Want an excuse to doll up?

Themed video calls

Everyone has a part of them that still loves playing dress up, and a lockdown is the perfect opportunity to do so. Set a theme with your partner and start ransacking your wardrobe for a costume - you could even create a ‘prize’ for whoever goes to the most effort.

Take some screenshots for memories and have a sappy chat - or just laugh at each other's costumes.

‘Music is the shorthand of emotion’...

Make them a Spotify Playlist

If you have a certain someone that means a lot to you, chances are you have a few songs that remind you of them. Maybe a song tied to a favourite memory of you two, or lyrics that put how you feel about them into words - put them all in a playlist and send it over for them to listen and feel closer to you until you can share the headphones again. Alternatively, you could make a joint playlist with your person, one that both of you can throw songs into that remind you of each other. Plus, you can listen to it together when you can see each other in person again!

For the budding chefs...

Cook a meal together

Lots of us became amateur chefs with all the time on our hands this year, with varying levels of success. Regardless, a super fun virtual Valentine’s Day activity would be cooking together! Agree on a recipe beforehand, make sure you have the right ingredients, and have each other on video call while you make it. After eating, let each other know how yours was, hopefully with all good feedback.

The Classic…

Write them a letter

For those artistically inclined, a heartfelt, handwritten letter posted to your loved one is a perfect idea. Both of you could send one, and call after opening to enjoy each other’s company. After all, sending a Valentine on Valentine’s day is only right!

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