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Hollr X Rosehill Cinema Takeover Night Proves a Success

On Friday the 3rd of September, the Hollr X Rosehill takeover film night took place at the Rosehill Theatre in Whitehaven, marking Hollr’s first official movie night.

Creating events that bring different generations together in the same space is of great importance to the Hollr team and working with Rosehill has enabled the first steps into creating these events for people across Cumbria.

The film of choice, Back to the Future, was selected directly by Hollr readers after a series of polls conducted via Instagram, that highlighted it as the most popular pick.

Some of the Hollr and Soundwave team were able to attend the evening.

Soundwave Director Dave Roberts said ‘It’s great to be working with Rosehill to bring this kind of event to West Cumbria. We are looking forward to doing more.’

Dozens of Cumbrians of all ages attended the evening, and drinks and popcorn were available to purchase.

Some dressed up for the occasion and the Hollr team handed out flyers and chatted with moviegoers as they entered Rosehill.

Creative and Community Development Producer Daniel Whitehouse, introduced the event with a short speech introducing the partnership between Hollr and Rosehill.

On social media, the evening received some praise from Workington’s local HMV.

Soundwave Project Coordinator and Hollr Assistant, Emma Dockeray, said ‘It was great to see Back to the Future on the big screen, and to see people really into the event.

We’re looking forward to future events.’

The Hollr Lead and team are hopeful for future film night events to take place soon after their success with the Back to the Future Rosehill takeover.

For many, the night was a great throwback in a picturesque venue, including Soundwave and Hollr Finance Officer Tracy Forbes, who added that she really enjoyed the evening and that, ‘It was a real blast from the past in such a great venue.’

For more information on the film evenings that Rosehill have to offer, click here.

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