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Hollr Reader’s Tell Us Their Favourite Places for a Night Out in Cumbria

After our recent article covering the best places to eat out in Cumbria, we decided to follow up by covering some of the best places in Cumbria to go out for drinks with friends.

So, we reached out to Hollr readers through our Instagram stories to get their views on their favourite places for a night out in Cumbria.

Disclaimer: Images Taken showing full, non-socially distanced rooms were taken pre-Covid and belong to the venues as specified. This article is for those over 18.

Here are the top choices:

The Yellow Earl, Whitehaven

We’ve featured the Earl several times before on Hollr, so it’s no surprise to see it pop up again. The Earl offers a great range of cocktails and drinks, including the perfectly Instagram-able martini and cocktail trees that have us dreaming of sitting in their beer garden with good company . Currently, the Earl is open for table bookings, but post-Covid, we hope to see it return to its former state, with regular live music events and unrestricted gatherings.

Carlisle, In General (Déjà vu) Cumberland

Hollr readers also felt that in general, the City of Carlisle, in particular, is a great night out if you’re happy to travel and stay in a hotel if you live outside of the area. Carlisle has a vast number of pubs, clubs, and bars to choose from, but in particular, Déjà vu and The Cumberland Inn were noted as perfect spots to start off a night on the town. Déjà Vu is popular for its throwback tunes, vibes, and fishbowl cocktails, while The Cumberland Inn is a favourite that often plays 90s/2000s dance tunes, perfect for kicking off your night out in.

Cleator Moor Celtic Bar

Cleator Moor Celtic was also a top choice for Hollr readers and was said by one of our readers to be a ‘great pint with even better bar staff’. The Celtic boasts a cozy beer garden and caters to all sorts of different parties and events while also making for the perfect spot to spend your Friday night out.

The Snecklifter Pub, Whitehaven

Last but not least, Hollr readers also praised Whitehaven’s Snecklifter as a great place to go at the start, finish, or during your night out. With a range of shots, WKD sharers, and more with a dance floor alongside a range of new and throwback tunes, the Snecklifter suits everyone and accommodates all tastes.

Did your choice make the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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