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Hollr Eats: Roasting Regional Roasts

This week on Hollr Eats we’ve set out to find the best roast in the county to celebrate the start of the Christmas season.

We started with South Cumbria’s most top rated place for Sunday dinner, Romneys.

Romney's, named after the famous 19th century painter George Romney, is a Kendal based pub that offers accommodation. It's situated on the A6 leading into the getaway to the Lakes.

The 19th century building has an eerie past with reports that Agnes Romney, one of George’s daughters, once lived there and now haunts the establishment.

Staff claim to have heard footsteps, creaking and had items go missing. Some even say they’ve seen her reflection in the windows around the building.

Let’s hope no ghosts mess around with our roast and let’s get tucked into the review. For under £20 you can get a roast with almost all the trimming and a pint of beer.

We opted for the turkey and pork as our two meats and served up alongside it was roasties, mash, swede, cauliflower cheese, stuffing, peas and a monster size yorkshire pudding.

Picture of roast from Romneys

Were kicking off this review with the meats: The pork was the meat that came out on top between the two and you don’t need to chew your way through this as it simply melts in your mouth.

The only downside is it didn’t come with crackling or any sauce but the gravy worked in place of that. We’d give it an 8/10.

The Turkey however was a little more disappointing then what we’d come to expect when tasting the pork.

The meat itself tasted like any standard turkey dinner (nothing to run home about) and if it had come with skin or a sauce to amp up the flavour of poultry then we’d give it a higher score. The turkey stands at about 6/10.

We're moving on to trimmings now and, as this wasn’t ordered on the Christmas menu; pigs in blankets, sprouts and parsnips are missing. However, the quality of the accompaniments definitely made up for it.

Romney’s is a dog friendly pub

The best part of the meal had to be the roasties, fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside and they were succulently sweet but on presentation we felt they weren’t quite gold enough. So we give them a 9/10.

Next up was the mash and it didn’t disappoint, the consistency was perfect, not runny, not lumpy but rather a velvety middle ground.

The two mounds were creamy enough to bring out the sweetness of the potatoes and not over salted as you sometimes get with mash, a solid 8/10.

The giant yorkshire pudding was taking up space on our plate so naturally this was next up on our taste test and the best way to eat yorkshires is to rip and scoop up the sumptuous side offerings.

We scooped up the sweet and smooth swede, the meaty and well spiced stuffing and peas on our plate with the soft yet slightly crunchy yorkshire. Between them all it was a strong 7/10.

Romney's interior

The cauliflower cheese was in need of crispy, bubbling cheese on top but instead they were more served up in a cheese sauce.

Maybe we're being biassed by wanting more cheese but since when has that ever been a bad idea? It’s a 7/10 from us.

The most important thing above the food is the service and atmosphere and this is where Romeny’s stands out the most.

You really get cosy cabin vibes, the perfect place to sit back and unwind with chat and hearty food in this winter weather.

The service was excellent and had friendly staff who were very attentive and welcoming.

Hungry after reading? Well get yourself booked in for a romantic meal for two, a christmas party or a family meal at Romney’s now.

Do you know where the best place for a roast is in North/West Cumbria? Let us know in the comments below and we will go review it.

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