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Hollr Eats: Pakpak Fried Chicken

Last week we headed to a new spot that opened shop in Kendal this year, Pakpaks.

Pakpak offers some of the best most mouth-watering locally sourced fried chicken in Cumbria.

The chicken shack offers some things you’ve probably never had at a standard chicken shop such as kimchi slaw and shoestring fries coated in sumptuous spices.

We’ve rounded up some of the best wings and sides from this independently run small business by the husband-and-wife duo Chris and Darlene Hibbert, and rated them.

Chef Chris Hibbert tucking into his fried chicken

Signature Wings... 5/5

Asian style fried wings

The Asian-style signature wings are first marinated in classic South-East Asian flavours such as galangal (ginger), garlic, and lemongrass. The fragrantly infused chicken is then coated in a seasoned batter and fried to golden perfection to lock in the authentic Asian ingredients.

The chicken is then tossed in sticky homemade soy, pineapple, and ginger sauce, garnished with coriander, spring onions, and red chilies.

The spice of the chillies isn't overpowering and they are complemented by the simplistic and fresh flavours of the sauce. Owner, Chris worked as a chef in East and South East Asia for 12 years where he picked up this simple authentic recipe.

If you want to try something truly unique inspired by traditional Asian cooking, then these wings are a must-try. Just be sure to add some homemade Kimchi Slaw made with gochujang (Korean red chili paste)- the perfect side to this Asian fried chicken.

Kimchi Slaw

Cheesy Wing Man... 5/5

Loaded cheesy wings

Ditch the chips cheese and gravy and replace them with these soulful wings. Chef Chris coats and soaks the chicken in ‘beer honey’ a mixture of sugar, star anise, maple syrup, and reused local beer for 12 hours which is locally sourced from the Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal.

The chicken is then put into a secret spice blend and dipped in flour ready to be fried until golden. The wings are then coated in a cheese blend that I recommend everyone try (unless you're lactose intolerant).

These wings go best with Pakpak's homemade chicken gravy which is made from leftover bone trimmings and boiled down for two days. It truly gives KFC a run for their money.

Buffalo Wings... 4/5

I’ve had my fair share of buffalo wings over the years and every restaurant and chicken shack has its own unique take on what a buffalo wing should taste like.

Some set the spice level to maximum using scotch bonnet as the primary spice whilst others are on the opposite end leaning more towards a milder paprika flavour, I have to say PakPak's buffalo wings are a nice middle ground.

Beer brined and dipped in a buttermilk blend these wings come out fluffy and crunchy after being deep-fried. They are then coated in a traditional buffalo sauce recipe of cayenne pepper sauce, garlic, butter, and Worcestershire sauce to deepen the umami flavour.

These wings go best with Pakpak's homemade honey mustard sauce and for spice lovers like me a smokey hot sauce. The buffalo wings paired with the seasoned shoestring fries are an absolute must.

If the wings aren’t enough to tempt you to try this latest addition to Kendal’s growing food scene, they also offer some great sides such as; popcorn chicken served up Japanese style with rice and nori seasoning, mac and cheese, and my favourite side item the devilishly moreish chicken scratchings that crunch whilst you munch and melt away in your mouth.

If you are now hungry for a taste of Pakpak’s you can find them at 36-38 marketplace in Kendal LA94TN.

Pakpak’s is open from Wednesday to Saturday 4-8 pm.

You can also follow them on Instagram here.


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