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Happy International Women's Day!

Every year on the 8th of March the world celebrates #InternationalWomensDay, a day dedicated to highlighting the contributions to society women have made and how far women’s rights have come. It is a day also designed to help raise awareness of the current injustices faced by women and to celebrate the diversity of the political, economic, and social achievements made by women across the world.

We wanted to join in with the #InternationalWomensDay celebrations and to start off with, we asked you lot which women inspire you. We asked for anyone from friends, family members to celebrities, famous people and everything in-between. We collected your responses up so we’d be able to share your inspiring woman (or women) with everyone.

While we want to celebrate today, we also want to remind you that women continue to fight injustices and face inequality. Some of these injustices include the gender pay gap, period poverty and stigma and medical discrimination.

Head over to the IWD website for more information on ways to get involved with the women’s rights movement and to find out further ways to fight inequality. You can also help by taking part in the IWD #ChoosetoChallenge which follows the 2021 IWD theme of choosing to challenge gender bias and inequality.

Now then, let's get into your responses...

Dakotaraebagley- @girlimusic and @julyjones
Regors.el- Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart

Rhigc- Janis Joplin
-.graceprice- Dolly Parton- she’s just so selfless and strong and sure of herself. A perfect role model for young girls.
Milesoftheedwardsvariety- Diablo Cody
Luceay- Sylvia Plath
Juliet.exe- Lucy Liu (look up her sapphic paintings!)
Roxana_gittins- RBG
-.lifeonmars- Stevie Nicks
Mylescarver4- Lady Gaga, she’s one of the original supporters for LGBT rights in the modern era, massive spokeswoman for the #metoo movement, a fashion icon and fab singer.
@GemsLouTurner- @JennyKnighting every day <3

Which women inspire you? Tell us in the comments below.

Keep an eye out for further content celebrating women and join us in promoting equality and fighting injustice this #WomensHistoryMonth

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