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Dominic Fike: New Album & UK Tour Dates

Indie/alt artist Dominic Fike released his sophomore album 'Sunburn' on July 7th. Fike also announced his first ever UK tour dates.

After showing off his acting abilities as Elliot on season two of HBO's Euphoria, Dominic Fike has returned - releasing new music for the first time in three years.

Many people know him from the song ‘3 Nights’ which was released on his EP ‘Don’t Forget About Me, Demos’ in 2018. Fike has made many songs documenting his feelings towards fame after ‘3 Nights’ quickly hit No.1 on Billboard’s Alternative Songs.

This new album looks back on his upbringing in the state of Florida, sharing how the state's culture and his family influenced him. Fike has also spoken out in interviews about this.

The album also features the band Weezer. Fike has previously shown he is a fan of the band as in 2019 he visited Triple J, an Australian radio station, sporting a t-shirt with the band's name written across the front.

Photo credit: Dominic Fike, edited by Amy Whyte.

As well as the release of Sunburn, Fike has been busy recently with his music featuring in two major motion pictures.

Fike first announced the release of 'Sunburn' on May 16th, this was through an Instagram post of a CD case with bacteria style visuals that included yet to be released music in the background.

Over the weeks following, Fike began to post more relating to the upcoming album and also released a single titled ‘Ant Pile’. On May 30th, Fike announced the ‘Don’t Stare At the Sun’ tour by releasing dates for the America and Canada leg of his tour.

He then waited until the end of June to announce his first ever UK shows. He will be playing five shows across Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and London this September.

Earlier this year, Fike performed at Coachella playing many songs that were not yet released, such as ‘Dancing In The Courthouse’ and ‘Frisky’.

‘Frisky’ was previously a fan favourite among his unreleased songs. He put on an amazing performance, wowing the crowd by putting a spin on many of his songs by adding vocals that hadn’t been heard before in the studio recorded version of his songs.

Fike performed on Sunday for both weekends of Coachella, greatly increasing his monthly listeners by over 42,000.

Previously Fike has collaborated with a variety of other artists, such as Paul McCartney for ‘The Kiss Of Venus’.

On Justin Bieber’s album ‘Justice’ Fike made a feature on the song ‘Die For You’. He has also collaborated with Kenny Beats for one of Fike’s most popular songs ‘Phone Numbers’.

Through his hard work, Fike has been able to make a name for himself and increase his fanbase to what it is today, which includes 3.2 million Instagram followers.

We can’t wait to see what else Dominic Fike has in store for the future of both his music and acting career.

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