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DOLL '1000 Cuts' Review

'A darkly romantic single drenched in Riot Grrrl rage'

Liverpool-based Riot Grrrl duo ‘Don’t Open Love Letters’ (DOLL) have crashed into 2021 with a dark and intense romantic energy coursing through their veins in their evocative new single ‘1000 Cuts’ that stands in stark, but brilliant contrast to their previous alt-pop anthem ‘Dress Code’.

‘1000 Cuts’ is a track that makes everyone who had an emo phase back in the day start digging out the black eyeliner again. With a stunningly heavy yet hopelessly romantic lyrical tone and a focus on both front women Simone and Toria’s strong vocals that speak to the soul, ‘1000 Cuts’ is a wave of well needed late 90’s early Nu-Metal and mid-2000’s emo nostalgia. For anyone who grew up in the mid 2000’s, DOLL’s newest track will instantly transport you back to your teen years in the best way possible.

There’s really nothing more refreshing than the sound of new and exciting Riot Grrrl rage post-2020, a year that was particularly turbulent for Simone and Toria. The duo has channelled this turbulence alongside their love for Horror in their new track to embrace a more aggressive sound that highlights what it means to fall in love with such intensity, that it’s almost scary.

It could be every dark love story never told, lines such as ‘I’ll sell you my soul, cos I just want you to love every piece of me, together or dismembered’ linger on the brain like memories of deeply passionate crushes from days gone by. The song perfectly combines guitars that tear through the chorus’, and crystal-clear vocals that melt into screams, to create a stunningly cathartic depiction of falling fiercely in love.

‘1000 Cuts’ is definitely a track for the queer youth to fall in love with. As an individual who identifies as LGBTQIA+ myself, ‘1000 Cuts’ perfectly captured my own experiences of queer angst and all those unrequited crushes in a Riot Grrrl rage-wrapped package. DOLL have well and truly formulated a fantastically heavy sound that packs a perfect punch of attitude and passion.

DOLL have really impressed us with this track, and we can’t wait to see what 2021 holds for them.

‘1000 Cuts’ is now available to stream on all major streaming platforms.

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Listen to '1000 Cuts' here.

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