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Creator of the week: Nina (@niinailz)

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Nina (on Instagram as @niinailz) is a 20 year old Nail Artist based at The Hello Beautiful Salon in Whitehaven. Nina creates a variety of stunningly intricate and unique nail art that ranges from pattern work to pop culture references, to delicate flowers encapsulated within nails to graffiti inspired lettering. We caught up with Nina to talk about how she got into the nail industry, her future plans and her inspirations...

Tell us about how you got into the nail industry

By surprise to be honest! After studying & teaching art, I wanted to work in a creative environment. I've been interested in all things nails from an early age and have practiced a lot over the years! I posted some of my nail art on Instagram and people began asking to book. Shortly after the first lockdown I started training in Nail Technology and making Press-on Nails so I could make this happen, I haven't looked back since!

What inspires your nail art?

My inspiration for nail are can come from anywhere, the possibilities are endless. I've a backlog of ideas ready to go in my head! Fine lines and small details are what I love the most, being a perfectionist though it can take time! I enjoy when clients have their own ideas and I can put my own spin on it too.

Do you have a particular favourite design?

Snakes and flames! I love the shape of them both, so satisfying to paint and I find myself always including them on my own nails. I enjoy Cartoon/Character designs too, anything to do with the Simpsons is always exciting.

What do you love the most about being a professional nail artist? Just the fact I can create artwork, literally on someone's fingertips is something I love so much about nail artistry. A way to bring art into daily life and express yourself through nails! Having my nails done increases my confidence, so hopefully I can help increase others too. What future plans do you have for @niinailz? I'm turning 21 in January and have plans to host a birthday giveaway! I'm also taking custom orders for press-on nails from the 5th of January. I now stock Nail Order products @nailorder in Hello Beautiful Salon!

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