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Creator of the Week: Isobelle Faulkner

Isobelle Faulkner is a 20-year-old artist, illustrator, musician, poet, and young entrepreneur based in Whitehaven, Cumbria.

She finished her studies in Music Production and Performance at Carlisle College and Richard Hush College in Somerset in 2020 and has since been working on her business selling her work.

Isobelle creates stunning canvas prints and drawings that cover astrology, food, animals and more and she writes beautiful thought-provoking poetry that she shares on her website and Instagram. She also runs a mouth-watering vegan cooking insta.

We caught up with Isobelle to talk more about what art means to her and her plans for the future…

Tell us about how you first got into art and poetry and your history with it so far

I have been passionate about art my whole life, I loved drawing growing up and I chose art at first for GCSE before changing to music, and since then my path has been very much music based.

Around the age of 16, while I was studying at Carlisle college, one of my favourite artists, Jhene Aiko, published a poetry book which I bought and read. From there I found I had a real interest in poetry.

I started reading Rupi Kaur, Sylvia Plath, Emily Dickinson, Rudy Francisco, Mark Cox etc., just to name a few. All of their works inspired me, and as well as writing songs I started writing poems of my own.

After a while I started putting a book together which I am hoping to release sometime next year, as well as possibly some music in the near future. I've also added illustrations to my poems, and it was an illustration of my zodiac sign (Capricorn), which started me off in my unexpected journey of making art as a business.

I thought that personalized zodiac canvases would make lovely gifts, and I decided to go for it and started working on each sign.

"Art to me, is growth."

What do art and poetry mean to you?

To me art and poetry are ways of expressing yourself.

From the deepest parts of you, such as your loves, fears, the good and bad emotions we feel, our trauma, and who we aspire to be, to what you find fun, and what excites you and gives you as a person, colour.

I find poetry and art a way of coping, as well as thriving. It's one of the purest forms of learning, about the world, about yourself, and unlocking empathy in so many ways to learn of others who may be different to you.

To see the beauty in not only what you know but what’s new to you, and to see things with a different view. Art to me, is growth.

What inspires you and your art and poetry?

I find that my loves and interests are what inspires my art, the things that give me the most joy. It's my growth, and pain, as well as happiness and revelations.

It’s also the way I explore the world, the things I learn and concepts I come across that truly inspire my poems.

We adore your astrology canvases! Do you have an interest in astrology outside of your art?

Thank you so much, it means a lot! When it comes to astrology for me it’s not something I necessarily take as gospel. It's something that has fascinated me through the years, how ancient it is and how people came up with it.

The intricacies of it when it comes to planet alignments at birth, birth charts, the planets effects, and energies they cause, the effects nature has on humans overall.

I also find the symbols inspiring, and I do see some definite parallels from my signs to my personality at times!

Tell us about your cooking Instagram, what inspired you to create it, and what first interested you in cooking?

I have always LOVED food! Ever Since I was a baby, if food was coming, I would get so physically excited I’d shake my whole high chair!

I think it runs in the family, my dad is a chef who trained in French cuisine and my mom's side is full of Italians and lord knows the Maccelaris love their food!

So, food and cooking were always a big passion of mine, and it’s always been something I’ve always enjoyed and tried to perfect.

As for my cooking insta, I went vegan a few years ago and I wanted to show the world how comforting, creative and delicious vegan food can be, and that you definitely don’t miss out on!

What future plans and goals do you have for yourself and your art and poetry?

At the moment, I’ve been updating the quality of my canvases and creating my own shop on my website so I can rely on my own independent shop and not just on Etsy.

I also do kitchen canvas art prints which include my drawings of herbs, spices, garlic etc. I’d like to create more spice/herb art and add to the collection.

I’m also going to make tableware such as placemats and coasters out of my kitchen art in the not-so-far future!

I am also working on my book, which will hopefully be released next year. But before that I’ve started making candles in the theme of my book's chapters as merchandise to help promote my poetry and to give people a lovely treat!

I also have plenty of quality merchandise on the way too, which will be released alongside my book, so I’m very excited!

Lastly, I’m hoping to release a possible EP by the end of the year. It’s all positive things I’m looking forward to sharing with the world and while I’m here they’re dreams I’m going to have a good go at!

You can follow Isobelle here and here.

Make sure you check out Isobelle’s shop here.

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