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Creator of the Week: Dance Culture UK

This week we’ve chosen Dance Culture UK a D&B collective hailing from and based in Kendal for our latest #CreatorOfTheWeek

Dance Culture UK was formed out of a house music night that was held on Thursdays in popular music bar Ruskin’s in Kendal.

Old school friends Joe Mills and Dan Johnson started playing drum and bass and jungle together at the house nights and from that Dance Culture UK was born. Edan Carr joined a little while later and elevated Dance Culture to what it is now.

From left to right, Joe Mills, Edan Carr and Dan Johnson

The 20 something collective has been crushing the music scene in the South Lakes, where they perform for their predominantly young audience. The collective recalls Brewery Arts, a Theatre and Arts space in Kendal as being one of their biggest gigs to date:

“The brewery was crazy busy! And we also welcomed back local legend Father Funk and the place was bouncing!”

The D&B, jungle masters also played Solfest last year to a heaving tent and performed for their audience a 200bpm jump set to get the crowd absolutely buzzed.

Dance Culture UK’s taking a picture with their crowd

The Dance Culture lads who have performed as a trio across all the Northwest and as individuals across the UK and Europe. They aim to bring their self-described “big beats and even bigger basslines!” to South Cumbria’s scene which in their words is still pretty underground:

“We’ve been pushing the scene for the last six years and have brought some big names to the area including Aries, Kelvin 373, DJ Hybrid and Mrs Magoo”

DJ hybrid is just one of many great jungle artists the Dance Culture crew has brought to Cumbria.

The lads want to grow the D&B and jungle scene in the area and give the audience a great night:

“We like to think that we bring a unique energy to the dance, we all love playing gigs together and love bouncing off the energy of the crowd as well!”

The group also has helped build the scene in the area by giving up and coming DJ’s opportunities at their open decks events.

From left to right: Dan Johnson, Edan Carr and Joe Mills

For a lot of creatives in Cumbria, opportunities to perform and create were cut by the pandemic and the Kendal collective told us how they missed out on bringing big names to the scene in Cumbria during lockdown:

“We had planned to bring Chimpo and Phibes to Kendal but unfortunately we had to cancel both of those events as we were unable to reschedule.”

Despite this, they used the extra time on their hands to focus on music production and as for many trying to stay sane through the mundanity of lockdown.

From left to right: Joe Mills, Edan Carr and Dan Johnson

Dance Culture’s next gig will be on the 19th of March at Brewery Arts where they will host the incredible Dub Princess and the Hotsteppas.

Dance Culture’s plans don’t stop just here and when asked what their biggest plans are for the future they go beyond gigging in our county:

“Playing a set abroad would be unreal, would be class to play on a sunny beach somewhere! We always love playing at festivals as well so the big festivals would be ace!”

In the future the Dance Culture lads hope to continue doing what they do best: “We'll be playing banging tunes and loving it! We love what we do and just wanna keep on doing it!”.

If you want to listen to their music and some of the DJs they promote you can check out Dance Culture UK on Soundcloud here. If you want tickets to their next event, you can find them here.

Here at Hollr, we want to support young creative Cumbrians and create a space where we can celebrate the diversity and vibrancy of the young people making waves in our county. If you know a young creator who you think we should feature as our next Creator of the Week, drop us a DM to nominate them.


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