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Copeland Council Help Jobseekers Explore Careers in the Gaming Industry

The Copeland Work and Skills Partnership recently ran an online session designed to help job seekers explore the gaming industry and how they might take their first steps into it.

The Partnership is led by Copeland Council and funded by the Copeland Community Fund alongside Sellafield Ltd. The session comes as the latest instalment of a series of sessions designed to help job seekers boost their job prospects.

During the online session, participants were able to talk directly with gaming industry professional Adam Boyne from East Yorkshire Gaming company Betajester Ltd.

Copeland Mayor Mike Starkie expressed that the session gave participants key advice on getting into the gaming industry and that helping jobseekers gain further skills is of great importance to the Council.

"It's important that unemployed residents are given every opportunity to do this and advance their careers.”

The session covered the diverse range of roles available in the gaming industry alongside the skills required to succeed. Roles covered included, artist, designer, programmer, sound designer, quality assurance officer, marketing professional, content creator, and performer.

Participants heard of the fast-paced, exciting nature of the gaming industry and how a passion for games can turn into a successful career. They were also informed that the gaming industry welcomes those crossing over from different sectors.

The sessions so far have proven to be an excellent way of aiding job seekers in their job hunting while allowing them to explore exciting career paths and talk with professionals outside of a school, college, or sixth form setting.

To register your interest in future events, please contact the council’s Work and Skills team at

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