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Anti Racist Cumbria Walk Hadrian's Wall to Celebrate Hidden Stories

Cumbria's anti-racism group will be walking the full length of Hadrian's Wall over three days, with the team walking more than a marathon a day.

Eight members and supporters of Anti Racist Cumbria will be walking the full length of Hadrian’s Wall from Bowness-on-Solway to Wallsend over three days.

The purpose of the walk is to celebrate 1900 years of the wall, raise awareness of the charity and celebrate the contribution Black and Brown people have made and continue to make across the wall.

The group of walkers will be supported by volunteers along the way, and people are welcome to join them for parts of the walk to find out more about what Anti Racist Cumbria do.

Stories set to be shared along the way include showcasing Black-owned businesses, highlighting exhibitions such as Black Memories Matter, celebrating the significance of Black and Brown contributions both past and present, the group hope to visit the studio of Li Yuan-chia, a China-born conceptual artist near Brampton and plan on visiting the site of the first recorded African Community in Britain.

Anti Racist Cumbria have partnered with M-Unit on this project who are part of the team behind the Black Memories Matter exhibition.

Niall McNulty co-founder of M-Unit and Trustee at Anti Racist Cumbria has been one of the key organisers of the challenge, he said: "Hadrian's wall is an incredible piece of history that lives amongst our local communities. But it has a hidden heritage which does not get shared enough. I wanted to do the walk to research, share and celebrate some of the black and brown people who have lived, worked and walked the wall now and in the past.

"It's also a tough physical challenge to walk over a marathon a day and one I’m looking forward to doing with fellow Anti Racist Cumbria members and supporters!"

Patrin Watanatada recently moved to Ambleside said: “I’m Thai American and new to Cumbria, after half a lifetime in big cities. Joining Anti Racist Cumbria has given me an early window into the vibrant diversity that does exist here, and a wonderful opportunity to learn from a passionate group dedicated to making Cumbria an anti-racist county where everyone can thrive and feel they belong.

"I’ll be joining part of the walk with my husband (who has Cumbrian roots) and our little boy, and we’re all excited to learn more about and help raise awareness of the many people from all backgrounds who’ve contributed to the fascinating history and culture of Cumbria.”

The eight walkers set off on Friday July 1 and aim to arrive in Wallsend on the evening of Sunday July 3.

To keep an eye on where they're up to, make sure you follow the team on social media.

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