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5 Cumbrian Bands To Add To Your Autumn Playlist

It's that time of year where the nights draw in and the sun creeps away, especially in good ‘ol Cumbria where the weather gets particularly unpredictable! What better time to kick back and relax with a warming hot chocolate and watch the rain go by - maybe with a good book or even a bit of music.

So in the spirit of things, here are 5 bands to add to your autumn playlist. All favourably picked from our local music scene in Cumbria.

5. The Northern Threads, Hold Back the Night

Formed in 2016, The Northern Threads have gone from strength to strength with 8 singles under their belt. Now under the management of Danny at The Yellow Earl, the anticipation behind the band is set to soar. Their song “Hold Back the Night” is a powerful driving anthem with comparisons to Muse and Queens of the Stone Age.

Featuring dastardly charming vocals, a sweet echo-drenched melody, and some beautifully mixed drums, this track is a fantastic place to start if you’re just getting into the band.

4. Youth Salute, More Water

The Workington 4-piece punk outfit, Youth Salute has long been heralded as a must-see act in Cumbria, appearing at several festivals and venues like TouchDown Festival and The Brickyard in Carlisle. Having released 2 EP’s to local acclaim, the band has been very quiet recently and a return to the limelight is much needed.

Their song “More Water” is the perfect mix between pop-punk and alt-rock, sounding similar to American acts Blink 182 and Sum 41. Riding the wave of their aggressive guitars and heart-thumping drums, this is the track to listen to if you’re as pis*ed off at the weather as they sound.

3. My Little Brother, Howl

Led by Penrith-based singer/songwriter Will Harris, My Little Brother has been a favourite of the locals for quite some time. Known for their luscious indie-rock/pop, the band has an insatiable talent for creating deep meaningful songs.

Their track Howl is no different. Beginning with an odd yet intriguing keyboard melody, the song slaps straight into things and keeps up the momentum with a pounding pace. Singing a song of love with the main lyrical hook of “If you wanted, I could fall for you again, just Howl” My Little Brother is a true gem of The Lakes and a band NOT to be missed.

2. Necromandus, A Black Solitude

Hailed as “the second Black Sabbath” by Melody Maker magazine, Necromandus is one the perfect bands for this season. Dark and brash, their slice of metal music can be described as a mix of traditional Iron Maiden and ACDC… or “dad” rock some may say! Their track “A Black Solitude” is an ode to songs like “Stairway to Heaven” and “Planet Caravan” featuring a headbanging introduction but softly ebbing into a delicate vocal section with rich warm overtones.

Necromandus is one of Cumbria’s oldest famous acts and hopefully not one forgotten in history.

1. Hardwicke Circus, Lockdown

The ever infamous Hardwicke Circus is an indie/rock band from the border town of Carlisle. Recently making the papers for announcing their “Prison Tour” which will see the band play a total of 12 category C prisons, including young offenders institutes.

Their track “Lockdown” is a groove-riddled anthem with hints of 60s psychedelia and garage rock, a balancing act between The Kinks and Arctic Monkeys if you will. Featuring the vocals of frontman Johnny Foster, who could be compared to Jim Morrison, the band pulls off an eclectic bop of electric guitars, saxophone, and church organ-like keys. A perfect track to keep your spirits up during this autumn season.

Check out our Spotify playlist here.

Dig any of the tracks on this list? Let us know in the comments below! And if you felt you deserved a spot on the list, you can get in contact with our writer Josh at to get involved with Hollr and their music section.

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