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3 Top Tips for Coping with Results Day Stress

With A-Level results day here and GCSE results day looming closer, it’s safe to say that students everywhere are feeling the dreaded pre-results anxiety.

It’s important during this period of time, to remember that above all else, you matter much more than your grades.

There is always another path forward in life.

We recently reached out to Hollr readers, to get their input on results day anxiety.

They said:

‘You’re not defined as a person by what’s on the results sheet!’
‘A pass is a pass is a pass. All you need is a pass, numbers don’t matter.’

To help you through the wait for your results, we’ve put together a short list of top tips covering ways to destress and stay in a calm and positive mindset.

1. Have some fun

Before results day, on the day and after, make sure you go out and have some fun! This is a time to celebrate and focus on how far you’ve come, regardless of the results you get. Completing your GCSEs, A-Levels, BTECS, or graduating is a huge achievement, and you should allow yourself some time to enjoy this moment.

Parties, trips out, meals out and time spent with friends are all great ways to stay social and positive during this time.

2. Find a way to relieve anxiety that suits you

For many people, this period of time can cause more intense anxiety and panic. If panic arises, it is important to remember to find ways to calm yourself down.

The NHS website has a great list of ways to relax, and we’ve detailed some of our preferred ways below for you to choose from too.

  • Have a friend, family member, or professional to hand to talk to, a problem shared is a problem halved.

  • Use a meditation or anxiety talk-down app, we recommend ‘Stop Panic & Anixety Self Help’ for some excellent audios that can help talk you down from a state of high anxiety as well as helping you relax.

  • Take some time out to practice a hobby or find one. Having a physical outlet to help you focus your anxieties elsewhere is a great way to destress. Whether it’s a sport like football or skateboarding, gaming, crocheting, or colouring, if it helps re-centre your mind, it’s a great way to chill out before or after you get your results.

3. Have someone there with you when you get your results and make a plan of action

It’s really important to have someone there to support you when you pick up your results from school or college. They can provide you with some well-needed moral support beforehand and celebrate with you afterward.

If things don’t go as you hoped they would, your selected person can also help you with an action plan for your next steps (e.g. going through clearing, or sixth form/college options).

If you’re feeling distressed and finding that nothing is helping, don’t forget that there are resources out there that you can access to help you through.

Remember, your life means much more than some letters and numbers on a piece of paper.

Childline (Under 19s) 0800 1111

Kooth- An online counseling tool where you can access free and safe online anonymous support.

Samaritans- 116 123

Students Against Depression- An excellent online resource designed to help young people facing depression, suicidal thoughts and anxiety. Created by students for students.

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