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18 Things you can do When you Turn 18

I’m turning 18 soon, and I bet there’s a few of you in the same boat!

While it might seem daunting to wake up one morning as an adult with adult responsibilities, there are plenty of bonuses to the big 1-8. So, in preparation, we’ve compiled a list of 18 things you can legally do when you turn 18.

Let us know how many you knew of!

In no particular order:

1. Become a juror

All rise! At 18, you are officially eligible to be called for jury duty, where you sit in on a court case and essentially offer your opinion to the judge as part of a group of jurors.

Jury duty usually lasts about 10 days, and your name is chosen at random from the electoral register - which you need to join now that you’re 18! If the trial lasts less than ten days, you may have to sit in on other cases.

Although jury duty is unpaid, you may be able to claim back some expenses, including: travel, and up to £64.95 per day to cover the loss of earnings if you’ve had to take time off work.

How exciting…?

2. Hire, or buy a sunbed

Anyone into fake tan?

At eighteen, you are legally entitled to hire or buy a sunbed for personal use. This is because the law now enables you to expose your body to excess UV radiation now that you are an adult.

Wondering what the fuss is about? Take a look at these tanning bed horror stories: here and here!

3. Hold a basic commercial pilot’s licence

Hey, just remember to invite us on your private jet, okay?

4. Create your own will

Life is short, and on a gloomier note, we never know what’s around the corner.

At 18, you might already own a car, or have a decent amount of money in your savings account. It’s important that, should the worst happen, you know exactly where and to who your possessions will go.

We hope it doesn’t come in useful so soon, but better safe than sorry!

5. Consent to your body being used in a medical study


You may have heard of people donating their bodies to science, but surely that’s after we’re gone? Actually, scientists can use your body in all sorts of weird and wacky ways while you’re still skipping around, all young and healthy.

Take a look at this study into the human sense of smell. Fancy being part of something like that?

Guess what? You can!

6. Legally marry!

Up until February this year, you could marry at 16 with parental consent. After a recent notion from the government designed to help prevent child marriages and forced marriage, the age has been raised to 18, with 16-17 year old's now unable to marry.

Do we hear wedding bells?

7. Leave education

Despite all the talk you might hear of having to go to university or a degree apprenticeship, you are actually no longer legally required to attend school once you turn 18.

For some of us, this is daunting. For others, you may be letting out a huge sigh of relief.

8. Vote!

Make your voice heard in a General Election.

Or, make it heard even louder...

9. Become an MP

Yep, at 18 you can become a Member of Parliament.

10. See your original birth certificate

If you’re adopted and looking into finding your birth parents, you are now eligible to look at the original copies of your birth and adoption certificates.

While this may not apply to all of us, this may be exciting news for many.

11. Buy fireworks!

Start your big day off with a bang!

At 18, you can buy fireworks. You may be waiting a while for Guy Fawkes’ Night to come back around, but for all of you late-October and early-November babies, this could be something you’re bursting to do!

12. See a film. Any film.

Yes, you are now free to see any film you like! Buy any film, see any film, and be that ‘A’ in 12A films - incase you didn’t already feel old.

Take a look at the Keswick Alhambra and the Ritz’s current selections to get you excited, and making the most of your new adult privileges!

13. Sell at a pawn shop.

Anyone seen Pawn Stars? No, not like that. God, there really is no good way to deliver this one, is there?

Anyway, at 18 you’re free to make some extra cash flogging your old stuff - who knows, maybe those old beanie babies are worth something?

14. Bet on a racehorse

The grand national will never be the same.

For those of us lucky enough to live in the Lakes, Cartmel and Carlisle races are especially nice this time of year.

15. Rent an AirBnB

No more Premier Inn, Travelodge, or shoddy hotels in the middle of nowhere - you’re on AirBnB, baby!

Explore some of the coolest listings across the UK, including this double-decker bus… wait for it…

With a hot tub!

16. Get a tattoo!

Although, maybe it’s not best advised that you get the first, huge tattoo that comes to mind right on your 18th birthday.

But, hey, who are we to judge? Tattoos are all part of your story, and that terrible tattoo you may get could be a very funny story twenty years from now.

17. Yep, the one you've been waiting for

El Classico! When you’re 18, you are officially allowed to drink and go to clubs. You’re free to have as many WKDs as your heart pleases.

Anyone remember that one episode of the Inbetweeners? You can now also be that ‘accompanying adult’ to buy your friends a pint of lager with their carvery dinners. Tré cool!

18. The Grand Finale…

This list wouldn’t be complete without it.

The most incredible thing you can do with your newfound adult freedom. It’s not drinking, it’s not getting a tattoo, and it’s not even being able to pilot an aircraft.

Ladies and gentlemen, at the grand age of 18, you are now eligible to…

(Drumroll please…)

Yes, I know, it is absolutely class craic.

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